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What happens when the one person you can stand the least is the key to everything you want the most?

Bay View, California - 1987

One month. I just have to make it through one month pretending to like the infuriatingly perfect-haired thorn in my side and the prodigal son of Bay View High. I was so close to my dream I could almost taste it. My senior year was supposed to be simple. I would quietly get what I have worked so hard for, then say goodbye to this small town and hello to a world of new opportunities. But it turns out this year isn't going to allow me to fade into the crowd with my head down anymore. Even though I would rather have nothing to do with him. ROBBIE SUMMERS may just be the answer to everything.

Bay View High is my castle and I've come to claim my throne for one final year. I've never given thought to the future, or the choices and responsibilities that come with it, because why would I when living in the now is so much more fun? It seems, however, that my easygoing and reckless nature might have caught up with me, and that the world I thought I had in the palm of my hand might not be entirely mine anymore. I'll do anything I can to change that. To remind every person who I am. Even if it means living my worst nightmare and fake dating SARA COOPER, the gray-eyed girl that haunts me in my sleep.

APRIL 30, 2023

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When Fate Breaks

May 25, 2022

Do you believe in fate?

It’s a simple question…unless you’re a strict life planner and serial overthinker like Annie Jacks. It’s a good thing she finally has it all figured out. Now twenty-eight and two months away from her wedding, Annie has found herself moving into the home of her dreams with her fiancé. The only issue with the move? The house has an old dilapidated greenhouse in the backyard. With that dilemma top of mind, she finds a memento from the past she thought was long gone and realizes there's only one person for the job… And it just so happens he’s the last person she wants to call.

Blake Di Fazio is the opposite of Annie, carefree, easy going, and willing to trust fate at every turn. But when he gets an unexpected phone call that reminds him of the one time he should have intervened in life’s plan…He takes the chance to make it right.

Though it’s been six years since they have spoken, Blake travels from New York to Alabama to stay with Annie for two long weeks as he remodels the greenhouse. Alternating between the past and present, they relive the butterflies and wistfulness of growing up together while being thrust into the tension and longing that inevitably comes of their reunion. Will they find it in them to rekindle the fateful friendship they once had, and reveal the truths behind their final night together that sent them their separate ways? Or will they prove, once and for all, that sometimes:

Life happens, people change, and fate breaks.

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